New students should email for placement. Current registrations forms are below:


Fall 2024: Pre Ballet I

Pre Ballet II

Ballet I

Ballet II

Ballet III

Ballet IV

Ballet V

Ballet VI

Boys Ballet

Beginning Boys Ballet

Summer 2024:  

Pre Ballet

Ballet I/II



Ballet III

Ballet IV



Ballet V/VI


Champaign Ballet Academy provides structure and guidance for each dancer's education. Our faculty and students are friendly and welcoming, and we encourage respect in all our interactions. As a parent, we realize the importance you place on knowing that your child is dancing in a safe, nurturing, professional environment, and it's something we provide consistently and with superior quality.

New Students: CBA welcomes new students, even mid-term. A free placement class is offered to ensure a right fit for the dancer. Contact us at to discuss placement and registration.

To ensure the best experience for all dancers please review our Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers.

Current Students: Registration and check must be received by the academy before the first day of class. No prorating. Students may take as many classes as they like in their own level or below.

Uniform for Girls and Women: Hair pulled tightly and neatly off the face and neck, then secured into a bun. Footed pink tights and ballet shoes. No underwear, skirts, leg warmers, jewelry, or decoration. Children's Division students wear pink leotard, Youth Division students wear blue, lavender, or navy leotard, and Pre-Professional Division students wear black leotard.

Uniform for Boys and Men: Thick black tights or bike shorts, fitted white t-shirt or male leotard, dance belt and ballet slippers. Contact the school director with any questions you may have. We have a number of male students at all levels.

Contact us for details on our Boys' Tuition Assistance Program (YouthPre-Professional).